fit for the kingdom: documentary films about mormons

While we appreciate suggestions of things we could film, in most instances we prefer that you go out and create your own films. Here are some approximate guidelines that we refer to when selecting films for inclusion in the project:

  • IT IS ABOUT MORMONS, and things [those] Mormons do.
  • IT EXPLORES BY OBSERVING what happens rather than by IMPOSING a staged scene or other pre-meditated behavior.
  • IT TAKES A SIMPLE APPROACH, limiting artistic intervention, avoiding (e.g.):
    • soundtracks
    • re-creations
    • formal interviews
    • fancy titles or graphics
    • gushing dissolves or other fancy transitions
    This does not mean that the film must be of a low quality, only that it must align with a core philosophy of this project, namely, that when we consider the lilies of the field, we discover that they do not need to be gilded—indeed, that they should not be.
  • When possible, it is informed by DOCUMENTARY HISTORY AND TRADITION.

While some of our films do not follow these guidelines precisely, these are a good place to start. Be sure to read our manifesto as well as our shooting tips for some more help.